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Board of Directors


Chief Executive Officer

Rudy started his career in Astra Group after completing his Master degree in Applied Finance at University of Melbourne as Chief Corporate Planning & Strategy of PT Astra International Tbk (2000 – 2009). Later than, Rudy has appointed as Director (CFO) Asuransi Astra (2009 – 2013); then served as Independent Director and Finance Director also Commissioner of 44 subsidiaries PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (2013 – 2017) before taking role as CEO Asuransi Astra.

Gunawan Salim - Chief Marketing Officer - Retail & Health Business , Board of Directors


Chief Marketing Officer – Retail Business

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Management), Atmajaya University, Yogyakarta in 1989, Gunawan Salim briefly worked at Danamon Business Finance and Astra Credit Companies. His career in Astra was started in 2000 as Area Head then continued as Account Management Department Head (2001-2003), Branch and Agency Management Division Head (2004-2006), 2W Division Head (2007-2008), 2W & Health Division Head (2008-2010), and 2W, Health & Regional Division Head (2010-2011). Today, Gunawan Salim holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer – Retail Business.

Hendry Yoga - Chief Distribution Officer , Board of Directors


Chief Operating Officer

Completing his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology in 1992, Hendry Yoga had a career at Western Atlas International from 1992-1995 as Maintenance Engineer with assignment in Singapore, then as Field Engineer in the United States, before deciding to return to Indonesia as Field Engineer. His next career was as Direct Delivery Channels General Manager Bank Bali (1995-1999). Afterward, Hendry Yoga joined Asuransi Astra as General Manager from 1999-2000 before moving on to Lippo Bank as E-Distribution Channels Group Head (2000-2002). He returned to Astra Group as Senior General Manager in Astra International from 2002-2006, then appointed as Chief Executive Officer Astra International – Astra World (2006-2008), before finally appointed as Chief Operating Officer Asuransi Astra.

Christopher Pangestu - Chief Marketing Officer - Commercial Business , Board Of Directors


Chief Marketing Officer – Commercial & Health Business

Completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Accounting) in Tarumanegara University in 1996, Christopher began his professional career in PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. He then moved to Asia Pulp & Paper Group as Internal Audit and Management Reporting at the CFO Office until 2001. Christopher then pursued his Master’s degree at Brisbane Graduate School of Business in Queensland University of Technology, Australia. In 2003, he began his career in Astra Group in PT Astra Sedaya Finance as Marketing Research & Development Department Head. A year later he moved to Asuransi Astra as Business Development Head. Other positions that he held were Priority Accounts Marketing Department Head (2007), Mining & Others Business Department Head (2008), Deputy Division Head-Direct & Business Alliances (2009), Sales & Marketing Group Head at the Commercial Business Division (2010), and his last position was Commercial Sales & Marketing Division Head (2011) before taking the role as Chief Marketing Officer – Commercial & Health Business PT Asuransi Astra Buana.

Mulia K.B. Siregar - Chief Technical Officer , Board of Directors


Chief Technical Officer

Has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. He joined Asuransi Astra in 1995 and worked as a Risk Engineer for 7 years. He subsequently acquired knowledge and experience on insurance administration, statistics, claims and underwriting for various class of business, including facultative and treaty reinsurance. Earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Sumatera Utara, and Master of Business Administration from Universitas Gadjah Mada, he is also a Qualified Insurance Practitioner, Fellow of The Indonesian Insurance Institute (AAMAI), Associate of the Indonesian Association of Health Insurance and Manage Care (PAMJAKI), and holder of Associate in Risk Management designation from The Insurance Institute of America. Starting 2014 he serves as Chief Technical Officer.

Leonard Winston S. Siregar - Chief Financial Officer , Board Of Directors


Chief Financial Officer

After completing the education S1 in Accounting at the University of Indonesia in 1987, Leonard WS Siregar directly joined Astra Group as Finance Staff in Astra International (1987-1990), Leonard then served as Manager of Financial Planning, Reporting and Analysis at Astra Sedaya Finance (1990-2000 ). His career in Asuransi Astra was started in 2000 when he served as Finance & Accounting Division Head. Then in 2008, Leonard held the position of President Director Samadista Karya before finally appointed as Chief Financial Officer Asuransi Astra.

Ida R M Sigalingging - Chief Corporate Services Officer , Board Of Directors


Chief Corporate Services Officer

After completing her education at Parahyangan Catholic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Ida R. M. Sigalingging continue her Master’s degree at the University of Indonesia. Before joining Astra Group, she has served as Project Manager in Various Engineering Project in Bandung. It was only in 1990 that she enrolled as Management Trainee of PT Astra International Tbk. Some important positions she held include Team Leader and Program Manager of Management Development (1991-2002), Program Manager & TL of Management Improvement (2003-2005), Team Leader Head of Organization Development (2006-2008) and finally Director of Human Capital & IT Asuransi Astra (2008-2013) before becoming Chief Corporate Services Officer of Asuransi Astra.

Board of Commissioners

Suparno Djasmin


President Commissioner

Graduated in Bogor Agricultural University Department of Food Technology and Nutrition in 1986, Suparno Djasmin started his career at Astra in 1987 at PT Astra International Tbk. In 2001-2007 served as Chief Executive Officer of PT Astra International Tbk – Isuzu Sales Operations and has served as Chief Executive Officer of PT Astra International Tbk – Daihatsu Sales Operations in 2007-2013, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Sales Operations in 2013-2015 and Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor in 2014 -2015. 2014 – now, served as Director of PT Astra International Tbk.



A year after graduated from Diponegoro University as Bachelor of Law in 1982, Suhartono started his career in Astra Group as Marketing Supervisor of PT Astra International – HSO. Most of his career was undertaken at PT Federal International Finance starting from Branch Manager Semarang to serve as a Director (1998-2001) and Vice President Director (2001-2007) before appointed as President Director in 2007. Suhartono also served as President Commissioner at PT Astra Multi Finance since May 2008 and PT Matra Graha Sarana since April 2013.

Eduardus Paulus Supit - Commissioner , Board of Commissioner


Independent Commissioner

Eduardus Paulus Supit completed his Civil Engineering study from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1980 and joined Astra Group in 1983-2009. In 1988, he served as Director of Astra Credit Companies and managed to win the Best Indonesian CEO award in 2006-2007. Eduardus Supit also served as Commissioner at Astra Otoparts from 2009-2015.

Juliani Eliza Syaftari - Commissioner , Board of Commissioner


Independent Commissioner

Juliani Eliza Syaftari completed her study in 1981 from University of Canberra, Australia and joined Astra Group since 1988-2011 in various positions namely Director Astra CMG Life, Serasi Auto Raya, Astra Agro Lestari, Asuransi Astra, Federal International Finance, and Komatsu Astra Finance. Juliani was also the commissioner in Samadista Karya from 2008-2010 and in 2010-2011 served as the commissioner in Surya Artha Nusantara Finance.