Banner Asuransi Astra - Peace of Mind
Milestone 1956


We started our business as general insurance company by the name of PT Maskapai Asuransi Buana.

Milestone 1981


PT Astra International (AI) acquired majority of shares. The acquisition pushed us to improve our performance to be a leading company.

Milestone 1990


We changed the company’s name to PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Asuransi Astra) and changed the logo. This was done to strengthen our affiliation with Astra Group which is known to have solid financial position and good management.

Milestone 1995


We launched car insurance product, Garda Oto, that transformed and became the benchmark of Indonesian insurance industry particularly for vehicle insurance segment.

Milestone 2000


We added our service facilities, particularly for Garda Oto customers, such as Garda Akses 24 hour that enables customers to get product information and Garda Siaga that helps customers who need emergency assistance on the road.

Milestone 2005


We extended our business by establishing sharia business unit that provides services to retail and corporate customers with insurance services that are comforting, fair, and profitable.

Milestone 2007


We launched e-marine service to simplify the process of issuing certificate of insurance and cover note for commercial customers.

Milestone 2008


Garda Medika was established to provide health insurance solution that is affordable and with quality health services.

Milestone 2014


We launched new identity that describes us as an innovative company that continuously improving our services and offering peace of mind to our customers. This was reflected by the rejuvenation of Garda Siaga Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA) that uses the latest hydraulic technology, the launching of new service of Garda Siaga Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA), and Garda Center to ease customers in making claims.

Milestone 2015


We launched Garda Mobile Otocare, a mobile app that offers safety riding assistance with a tagline of Peace of Mind in Your Pocket, as it is filled with many interesting and useful features such as Reminder to service your vehicle and the validity period of your driver’s license, Fuel Monitor, and Garda Oto Claim.


In this year we conducted digital revolution by perfecting Garda Mobile to become digital service with four apps for retail and commercial customers namely otocare, medcare, hr-akses, and cr-akses.