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Otocare helps you monitor your vehicle condition to be in good shape.

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Garda Mobile Otocare
Garda Mobile Otocare mencatat seluruh penggunaan bensin kamu. Garda Mobile Otocare, peace of mind in your pocket.
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Track fuel and service expenses

Record of gasoline and service expenses to determine total operating costs of the vehicle. You can also evaluate the performance of the vehicle with observe the monthly recap.

Friendly reminder for your peace of mind

Otocare helps remind when to renew driver’s license (SIM), vehicle registration (STNK), vehicle insurance policy, and periodic servicing. You can also use the parking reminder feature to determine the duration and location of parking.

Garda Mobile Otocare membantu mencarikan lokasi - lokasi penting sekitarmu. Garda Mobile Otocare, peace of mind in your pocket.
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Near Me

Displays a list of Astra Insurance Branch offices, Garda Center, Police Station, Hospital, Supermarket, Gas Stations and Pharmacies are sorted based on the places closest to your location.

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Monthly Report

Gasoline consumption graphs and monthly operating expenses of your vehicle.

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Call Garda Akses

Call Center 24 hour service that ready for you from Asuransi Astra.

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Garda Oto Claim

Assist Garda Oto customers for motor vehicle claims process.

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Various informative articles on how to drive safely and comfortably.