Garda Mobile – Peace of mind in your pocket

Introducing Garda Mobile – The latest innovation in the form of collection of mobile apps that will allow you to access the various services that we offer.

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medcare helps you maintain your health condition to stay fit.

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otocare helps you monitor your vehicle condition to be in good shape.

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hr-akses provides an easy way to get information and benefits of membership.

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cr-akses helps facilitate managing your commercial insurance.

Garda Mobile medcare hero
Garda Mobile medcare
  • My Daily Activity
  • My Medication
  • My Symptoms
  • Call Garda Akses
  • Inbox
  • Garda Medika
  • Profile
  • Claim History
  • Benefit of Coverage
  • Disease History
  • Garda Medika e-card
Garda Mobile otocare
  • My Daily Activity
  • Fuel Consumption Monitor
  • Periodic Service Reminder
  • Periodic Service Report
  • Renew License Reminder
  • Inbox
  • Cost Monitor
  • Garda Oto Claim
  • Call Garda Akses
  • Near Me
  • Knowledge
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Garda Mobile hr-akses hero
Garda Mobile hr-akses
  • Calendar-view Dashboard
  • Membership Information
  • Premium Information
  • Benefit Information
  • Provider List
  • Locate Provider Nearby
  • Monitor Claim Status
  • Custom Periodic Report
  • User Preferences
  • Contact Garda Medika
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Garda Mobile cr-akses
  • Easy Renewal
  • Easy Payment
  • Manage Your Policy
  • Premium Budgeting
  • Manage Your Claim
  • Claim Monitoring
  • Risk Management Tips
  • Contact Us
  • Inbox
Download hr-akses
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