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Logo Garda Oto - Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor Terbaik dari Asuransi Astra

Enjoy a variety of premium services that make us the most-admired vehicle insurance in Indonesia.

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Garda Mobile Medcare

Medcare helps you maintain 
your health condition to stay fit. Learn more.

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Asuransi Retail
Produk komersil Asuransi Astra
Produk kesehatan Asuransi Astra
Produk Syariah Asuransi Astra
Asuransi Retail
Asuransi Retail / Retail Insurance

Get the best products that are specifically designed to provide the best protection and service. Your peace of mind is our commitment.

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Produk Komersil Asuransi Astra
Asuransi Komersil / Commercial Insurance

We believe every business is unique but each still has one thing in common: the need for the best protection for their assets. Find out the solution here.

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Produk asuransi kesehatan Asuransi Astra
Asuransi Kesehatan / Healh Insurance

With a network of more than 900 hospital providers, we are ready to provide premium services for your company’s diverse health insurance needs.

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Produk Syariah Asuransi Astra
Asuransi Syariah / Sharia insurance

For halal, fair, and profitable premium protection, we are offering sharia-based management for all of our products.

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